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Change Your Perception...

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About Sandrine Ventura

...Change Your Vision

The activity of Milla-Rose Agency is to assist and encourage high-end fashion and luxury brands to review their approach from the creative process, in order to create an inclusive business culture that values differences, with the objective of a better business performance. We work hand-in-hand as a true partner, with Boards revising their strategic direction each year; Artistic Directors seeking inspiration to fuel their creativity; Marketing departments in creating, developing, strengthening strategies and communicate efficiently on various media and social networks; Sales departments assisting them in the marketing of the products.

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Brand Management

Audit & Recommendations

Monitoring & Analysis

Respect for your DNA

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Cultural Inclusion

Audit of « fashion appropriation » in the creative process

Cultural Inclusion Strategy

Monitoring & Influence tools

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Healing Process & Crisis Management

Act upstream to act well downstream

Creator of #GoodBuzz

DNA of the brand preserved and protected

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